We analyze, plan & target

We start by translating the brand proposition to the local market. Together with the brand we develop a specific market approach, including a marketing strategy.
We prepare a market analysis based on figures (data-driven), market information and trend reports. We analyse the market potential, which includes a target-group analysis - we chart the specific target group and the best resellers.
Following the market analysis and the target-group analysis, we prepare a sales plan with our resellers, a long-term forecast focused on reselling.
This information is the basis for a strategic plan with clear long-term objectives, enabling us to actually measure the results. Together with the brand, we use the strategic plan as the basis for detailing a concept for brand positioning and a marketing strategy for the local market.

We activate

We implement the strategic plan, which includes activating sales channels and determining the brand’s line-up for those channels. We produce a detailed sales forecast at item level. To support sales, we prepare a specific sales and marketing plan at account level.
In cooperation with the brand, we also develop an overall brand-marketing plan. With this plan we are building the brand identity (brand awareness) and ensuring interaction between the consumer and the brand (brand activation). To get the brand promise - the brand proposition - across to the target group, we create a 360ᵒ marketing plan with unique content for offline and online media. Integrated and cross-media, for a targeted and uniform target-group approach.

We grow

We continue to work on growing your brand, and that is where our strengths come in. Sell-through is our focus. We also make the entire supply chain transparent and clear with customised reports. The aim is to optimise a positive purchase and usage experience for the consumer to ensure that turnover grows.
We tighten up the marketing and sales plan on the basis of insights from our sales data and other market data. We consider point-of-sale marketing, online and instore up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and sales training for the sales employees.
Online we focus on improving the findability of the brand and generating product reviews. The aim is for sell-through to increase and for the brand to grow. Tightening up the marketing and sales plan is a continuous process to achieve successful growth of the brand.

We move

In cooperation with our 3PL partner we distribute the products in a highly efficient and professional way.  We use their extremely comprehensive, global logistics network. We can deal with complete distribution from the factory, via our warehouse (inbound) to the reseller (outbound).
Our comprehensive ERP software provides the following options: (EDI) order processing and stock management (supply chain management) and import and export management. In close cooperation with our 3PL partner, we also offer flexible warehousing, efficient logistics services with a comprehensive distribution network for inbound and outbound shipments.
  • We analyze, plan & target
  • We activate
  • We grow
  • We move