Value added distributor

Innovational BV is a distributor of innovative and technologically advanced consumer products . established in 2013.

Our consumer products always meet a number of criteria :

- The brand behind our consumer products has a clear vision and a long -term objective;
- They are good quality consumer products;
- Our consumer products add something to the lifestyle of our consumers , not only by the value
  but also provide a clear user benefit that makes the product salable ;
- Our consumer products are not a me-too products and always offer added value over existing technologies or existing products that are similar.


Distributor of consumer products

When these basic values are correct as a distributor of consumer products we add strong support to retail and e-tail partners joined , such as:

- Profesional marketing and account management plan;
- Active retail and POS support;
- Long- term planning ( Stock & sell out) .

This allows us to build new categories and innovative brands that make a unique position in the market .
  • We analyze, plan & target
  • We activate
  • We grow
  • We move